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Marcos Mateo and Ray Dalton

Filming on location you never know what you're going to get. You're always going to encounter things you can't control…weather, lighting, voyeurs. And when you're filming at a place like Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, you're going to be guaranteed of two things. The scene is going to be hot and it's going to be sleazy! Lucky for us we had two pros to work with: tattooed and hung daddy Ray Dalton and "boy" Marcos Mateo. Both were ready for action after having been teased and groped by all the men walking around the compound. By the time we got the cameras rolling Ray and Marcos were super horned and ready for anything! Hard cocks and willing holes. Can it get any better than this? Marcos sucked Ray's huge cock, getting it pumped and ready. Ray, who loves eating ass, had his favorie meal of the day with his face buried in Marcos's beautiful ass. And the deep, raw fucking just tops everything off for a nice creamy finish!

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Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio

When it comes to sex, a quick raw fuck while on break is fun. Hell, who doesn't like fast and furious? Especially if you're pressed for time. Sometimes, though, it's good to take your sweet time. Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio, still dressed in their work clothes, take it outside, nice and slow. After making out the two take turns sucking each other but Christian makes good use of Geoff's face and mouth, using his own tie against him. Those of you who enjoy a good oral session will love the throat fucking, too! Even the rimming is an exercise in self-control. But when it comes to shoving a big fat raw cock in a tight hole, sometimes it's best to just ram it in. Or in this case, sit your ass right down on that puppy and take that bareback fucking! Christian does take his time here and there but mostly fucks fast and hard, helping Geoff stroke out a load with his cock still buried balls deep inside the bearded bottom. Geoff then greedily swallows Christian's load and shares the taste in a sloppy kiss.

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Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron

There's nothing like being outdoors and under the sun, on a patio near a swimming pool. Something about the combination just gets you horny and with little provocation, you're soon hard. Which is exactly the situation Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron find themselves in. The two make out for a bit, still dressed, but they don't remain dressed for long. Tyler's big cock is soon out and Max makes a big pig of himself, sucking on the juicy slab. He gets it nice and wet, even as Tyler fucks his face. Tyler soon returns the favor, swallowing Max before the tattooed hunk drops once more to slobber over Tyler's cock. The two trade blowjobs, taking turns servicing dick and balls before Tyler closes in on Max's meaty ass. He buries his face in the beefy globes, rimming Max and getting his hole all wet with spit. Then he places the head of his cock against that tiny pink starburst and starts to push. Max can barely handle it but works through the pleasure pain etched on his face. Tyler bareback fucks Max, thrusting in and out at a steady clip. After a while Tyler flips on his back, legs spread wide, and Max rides him deep. The tattooed and pierced hunk fucks the cum out of Tyler then impales himself on that still-hard cock, fucking himself until he's ready to blow his own load, which Tyler dutifully eats before sharing with Max.

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Ray Diesel and Christian Matthews

Beefy, hung muscle hunk Ray Diesel and Christian Matthews tease each other — and us! — as they make out. They slowly undress before getting down to the very serious business of sucking cock. Clad in red underwear, Ray offers up his big fat black monster cock for Christian to take into his mouth and devour. The tattooed white hunk services Ray as best he can, sometimes choking and gagging, at times getting his face and throat fucked, but always enjoying not just the size, but taste of Ray’s mouth watering slab of Grade A prime fuck meat. While Christian chows down, Ray wastes little time in going after what he wants most…a sweet, pink white pussy boy to bury his juicy fuckstick into. Ray goes after Christian’s hole, burying his face in that hot ass and eating out Christian’s hungry hole like a straight man eating pussy. The energy between these two is palpable as Christian lets Ray know exactly how he’s feeling as he gets reamed out but good! Ray sucks Christian a while, priming the pump as it were, before sliding that enormous piece of meat in that tiny little fuck hole. You can hear Christian’s moans echo throughout the house as Ray takes what he wants, giving Christian what he needs…an intense bareback fuck that makes the tattooed bottom roll his eyes back into his head with delirious pleasure!

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Reid Thrasher and Chase Acland

After a hard day at work there’s nothing Reid Thrasher likes better than going down on a big cock. Luckily, he’s got a new fuck buddy to help him out. Chase Acland offers up his pierced tool for Reid to slobber over but Chase needs some dick as well. He returns the oral favor, sucking the pierced indie otter. Reid then wastes little time in getting Chase into bed. On all fours, he gives up his hairy ass and hungry hole for Chase to stuff and pound bareback. Clearly loving Chase’s big pierced cock, Reid is in ecstasy as he’s fucked like a dog, rewarded with a large, copious load of jizz, which Reid tastes and hungrily swallows down.

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