Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel

The dry desert heat has Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel super horny. Outdoors, they begin to make out. Bearded Tyler, however, has heard of Ray's big black cock and can hardly wait to have it the thick, juicy slab of meat in his mouth. Ray is all too happy to oblige but he's not entirely without dick sucking skills so, after fucking Tyler's face, Ray drops to his knees and returns the favor, choking on Tyler's pink, curved fat tool. Still dressed, the interracial couple get a bit more intimate in a shaded area. There, they strip off their shirts and make out while feeling each other up, taking their time as they get to pants and belts. Tyler once again devours Ray's monster then gives up his ass for Ray to do with as he pleases. The hairy-chested bearded top buries his wide pink tongue in Tyler's hole and rims the hungry ass, priming Tyler for the stretching of his life. Ray slides inside, pumping in and out, bareback fucking Tyler, who wants it all, every last inch, in the worst way possible. Clearly he's never taken anything that big before or, if he has, it's been a while. Ray guides the eager, slutty white boy, putting him through his paces as he continues fucking, giving Tyler plenty of cock and penetrating deep.

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Daxton Ryker and Matt Stevens

Filmed entirely on location in Fort Lauderdale, this scene with Matt Stevens and Daxton Ryker was smoking hot from the start. It helps that they were the perfect pair to add to our production. After picking them up and bringing them to our not-so-secret location, they could barely contain themselves. Rather than trying to catch up to them, we decided to just get going. Lights. Camera. Action! Hot, sexy, and skin-to-skin, these two sex pigs were into each other and it showed. From the way Daxton devoured Matt's hard cock, to the way Matt slid in muscle hunk Daxton's wet hole. Repeated pounding ended in some juicy loads delivered.

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Max Cameron and Danny Blue

Max Cameron and Danny Blue take time out from their busy work day for a bit of outdoor fun. They take their time kissing and making out but Danny is hot to trot and ready for cock. He unzips Max and goes down on that curved beauty, sucking the beefy hunk down to the balls and getting his face fucked in the process. Tattooed and beefy Max returns the favor when he's good and ready but what Danny wants is more cock. After a bit more kissing — more on the sweet and almost romantic side — and a more mutual cock sucking — with Max deep throating Danny's long cock — Danny gives up his ass. Using only spit for lube, Max works his fat cock inside, bareback fucking the slender whore, who bends over and pushes back while jerking himself off. Danny tastes his own ass juices after a while, sucking Max to apply more spit lube with a bit of ass-to-mouth. The two horny bareback sex pigs get back to fucking, with Danny now getting royally plowed, harder and deeper. Max fucks the cum out of Danny then blows a huge load all over the pig before giving his cock to Danny for him to clean up. Anyone hungry? Slurp!

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Marcos Mateo and Ray Dalton

Filming on location you never know what you're going to get. You're always going to encounter things you can't control…weather, lighting, voyeurs. And when you're filming at a place like Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, you're going to be guaranteed of two things. The scene is going to be hot and it's going to be sleazy! Lucky for us we had two pros to work with: tattooed and hung daddy Ray Dalton and "boy" Marcos Mateo. Both were ready for action after having been teased and groped by all the men walking around the compound. By the time we got the cameras rolling Ray and Marcos were super horned and ready for anything! Hard cocks and willing holes. Can it get any better than this? Marcos sucked Ray's huge cock, getting it pumped and ready. Ray, who loves eating ass, had his favorie meal of the day with his face buried in Marcos's beautiful ass. And the deep, raw fucking just tops everything off for a nice creamy finish!

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Danny Blue and Sam Green

Tall and slender Danny Blue has invited newbie co-worker Sam Green over for a dip in the pool. The trouble is that Danny is far too horny to let an opportunity slip past. He quickly gets blond and curly haired Sam to make out then drops to his knees to reveal a mouth watering surprise. Beefy Sam isn't just hung, he's got HUGE fucking balls filled with jizz! Ever the cock pig, Danny devours Sam's big fat cock while stroking himself. Eager Sam returns the favor, expertly downing Danny down his throat. The two soon take it indoors where they strip down and carry on, getting as loud and as nasty as they want to be. After sucking armpits, chewing nipples and once again taking turns sucking big fat cock, Danny presents his ass to Sam, who rims the sweet fuckhole and finger fucks it before attempting to slide his juicy slab home. He doesn't go in all the way, but that gives Danny the opportunity to slobber over Sam's tool a bit more, tasting his own ass juices on the throbbing shaft. This time, when Sam slides that fucker home, it goes all the way in and he bareback fucks Danny deep, breeding and seeding his hungry ass. Sam pulls out to show us Danny's gaping hole oozing with cum before flip fucking back and forth.

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