Brock Rustin and Parker Kane

Brock Rustin flips Parker Kane from raw top to bareback bottom in this wild scene of sex and lust.
It’s an Exclusive as Brock has never topped on camera, but as you’ll see, the sex was too hot for him to resist.
Both men take turns sucking and slurping on each other’s cock, then eating and rimming each other as they build towars some hot fucking. Parker slides his thick swollen cock into Brock’s ginger hole as he rides raw, thrusting his hips and bareback fucking hard. Brock is held down and pounded mercilessly.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Brock reverses roles and flips into Top, fucking Parker with his hard ginger cock in return. Once in his ass, Brock pumps and grinds deep. Parker can’t believe it himself as his ass is slammed over and over again.

bareback bottom

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Tyler Reed and Beau Reed

Whether you’re a Tyler Reed fan or simply get off on beefy bossy tops, you’re going to love the hairy, thick hung daddy as he takes Beau Reed. When we first mentioned the possibility of fucking Beau at the bathhouse, the raw top’s eyes lit up and he shot us a knowing smile.
When the bareback pigs met in the locker room they locked lips, making out before taking turns sucking each other.
Then, after Tyler gave Beau a rim job, he worked his fat cock inside the bottom’s ass using nothing but spit.

beefy bossy tops

After fucking the cock whore against the blue metal, hunk Tyler lay back on the floor and offered up that juicy piece of meat. Beau didn’t need an engraved invitation. He immediately took ownership of Tyler’s cock, much the same way Tyler took ownership of Beau’s hole, fucking himself by straddling the stud’s meaty thighs and impaling himself on the engorged slab of beef. Tyler takes the reins once more and bareback fucks the cum out of Beau before rewarding the smooth tattooed bottom with a thick and creamy load of his own.

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Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Adam Russo shows us how eager he is to fuck Draven Torres in this steamy and sexy bareback encounter. Playfully romping in bed, it’s not long before they are locked in a 69. Adam teases and taunts Draven’s twitching hole as the tip of his fingers gently probe and poke his ass.

Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Draven quivers with delight, bent over on all fours. Adam slides his raw cock into Draven’s hole and fucks beyond belief.
Adam pounds Draven every which way, their bodies glistening with each other’s sweat.
Adam shoots his load all over Draven, leaving his hole loose, cummy, and sloppy. Draven in turn, blasts his seed all over himself just as Adam slides into his ass crack face first to eat and felch him clean. It’s sizzling bareback sex with that extra touch of raunchy nastiness.

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Jay Ricci and Luis Casola

When Jay Ricci told us he had a buddy interested in playing with him on film, we were kinda nervous. It was Luis Casola's first time doing both, playing with Jay AND being on camera. But those fears were soon put to rest once these two got on set.

The energy between Jay and Luis was intense, so we decided to make it last a little longer by putting Luis on the St. Andrews Cross. There, Jay teased and pleased before finally getting to the main event of fucking Luis bareback. The control and denial of instant gratification only added fuel to the fire already burning between them and the build up to penetration, which in itself was explosive!

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Max Cameron and Cam Christou

Raunchy. Nasty. And hot. That’s sex between inked stud Max Cameron and Cam Christou.
In this sweaty session of groping, stroking, and poking, Max is quick to bury his face between Cam’s butt cheeks, getting it ready for his raw cock.
Cam spreads his legs as Max slides into his hole and the action heats up as Max power fucks his ass, leaving Cam breathless and craving more.

He bareback fucks Cam in every position, pounding his ass deeper and harder.
Cam gets his just rewards when Max shoots sticky seed into his gaping crack then fucks his load into Cam, just as he explodes all over himself. Max slides down and felches his load out of Cam’s ass, slurping it up and feeding it back to him. It’s an amazing scene that’s too good to miss!

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